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Stress Management Workshop
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About us

We are a team of Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Chess players, IT, Marketers, Content Creators, Motivational Speakers, and developers with over 20+ years of expertise. We have joined together on a mission to change people's lives in business and in life.   

We offer consultations, workshops,  seminars and corporate training for individuals, corporate and schools. We undertake website development, digital marketing (SEO, SEM, SM, PPC) courses and projects for clients and students.  

Our Education department caters to the needs of the students.


"The Definition of Success really depends on where a person is in life or what has his or her attention. Success in early Childhood might mean receiving an allowance for the first time or getting to stay up past one's bedtime. But that would no longer be of interest just few years later, when success in teen years might getting one's own bedroom, cell phone, or a later curfew. Success in early 20s might mean furnishing your first apartment and getting your first promotion. Later on, it might be marriage, kids, more promotions, travel, more money.

As you age and conditions change, the ways in which you define success will transform yet again. When you're much older, you're likely to find success in good health, family, grandchildren, your legacy, and how you will be remembered.

Where you are in life, the conditions you are facing, and the situations, events, and people on which your attention is most focused will influence your definition of success.

 Success can be found in any number of realms - financial, physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, philanthropic, communal, or familial. However, wherever you find it, the most crucial things to know about success - in order to have it and keep it - are the following:

  1. Success is important.
  2. Success is your duty.
  3. There is no shortage of success." - Grant Cardone

    THE 10X Rule  

Success is an accumulation of events or desired outcomes being achieved.

Seed Succeed Learn Tamil - People's Initiative 

Started by Teacher Bhanumathy K for Tamil Learners across the Globe. From Basic Tamil Grammar to Advanced, to Daily Reading.

Follow us on our Journey to Provide Value, Spread Good Ideas and Create Positive Momentum. 


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