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11 Marine Corps Principles for Entrepreneurs | Valuetainment

marine Corps principles

#1. Be Technically and Tactically Proficient

#2. Know Yourself and Seek Improvement 

#3. Know Your Team

#4. Keep Your Team Informed

#5. Set the Example

 #6. Ensure the Task is Understood, Supervised and Accomplished

 #7. A Team that sweats the most in peace time, Bleeds less in Combat

#8. Make Sound and Timely Decisions

 #9. Develop a Sense of Responsibility amongst your team

#10. Employ Your Unit in Accordance with their Capabilities

#11. Seek and Take Responsibility for Your Actions


U.S. Marine Matt Sapaula

U.S. Marine Veteran entrepreneur

Matt Sapaula is a Financial Coach, Published Author, Speaker, and President of Money Smart Company.

He is famously know us America’s “Money Smart Guy,” he is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has dedicated his professional career to spreading financial literacy and empowering members of the middle class to take charge of their personal finances and realize financial independence. Learn more about him here:

Summary of the video & Seed Succeed's Take on the subject:

Be Technically and Tactically Proficient:

- Committed to Excellence
- Being a student of your industry and business
- Knowing initiatives and strategies to deploy and when

Interpretation: You have to commit to your success - if you don't commit to your success, who will?

You need to be humble in learning, and know more about your industry than anybody else - that way you dominate the sector and win massive. 

You got to know the GAME & You Got to know the Market - the people in your niche/ industry. 

biz chess

Like the Game of Chess

Know Yourself and Seek Improvement

- Never be satisfied with good enough
- be confident in your abilities

Interpretation: Look, time is constantly moving forward and change is constantly happening. You cannot rely on your past success to get to the next level. And the devil is always in the details. (Note: this is my Take / perspective on the subject i.e. slightly different from the content on the video) 

Confidence is everything. if you dont believe in yourself, how will your customers buy from you or believe in your product or work?! 

Know Your Team

- Build on people’s strengths
- Know who and what to add for the task at hand
- leading with compassion 
- benefit of the unit

Interpretation: It's not what you want them or think them to be, but what they are - know what they are good at, passionate about and give them a job related to that - PS if they are not contributing in anyway and are un-trainable, then fire them! Good for both.

When you know your team, their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, then you can assign them tasks that will get the job done. In the end, the job needs to be done and it needs to be done on time with a good amount of precision. Know to whom and what to add for the task at hand.

Your Team's success is your success and your success is your Team's success.

You got to learn to use people, but in a way that is Win - Win i.e. beneficial for both. Only then, there will be a increase in productivity and workflow. Be compassionate! 

Give Opportunity for your employees to climb up in rank!

Incentivise & Target ! Give incentives - Give Targets! 

team success

Keep Your Team Informed

- Communicate Often 
- Communicate Early
- Ask for Constructive FeedBack 
- Benefit of the Unit

Interpretation: "Communication Often Fails if not by accident" - A professor (who's name I cannot remember) said that quote. He said its because of the noise that exist in communication. 

Look: "words by themselves don't have meanings. People do," what you mean by 'get the job done TODAY' - may not translate properly in the ears of your employees.  We got to communicate to avoid any assumptions and noise that might get in the way of success; after all the one to take the blame is the head, the entrepreneur, not the employee - but failure affects all. Communicate early and as often as possible. 

Get Constructive feedback: that you can measure and get real value on.  A non constructive feedback is shit! but at the same time, remember truth might be painful to hear.

- Follow your instinct, belief, faith. But be able to detach yourself from your actions. Only that will get you to tremendous heights. Watch the video Below: 

Benefit of the Team

Interpretation: Listening to stories and people's experiences first hand, there is a whole bunch of businessmen & women that just suck at the concept "Benefit of the Unit." Do you know what it cost them?

Scalability and Bad Rep.  

From personal experience: I know private schools in India that do not care about their teachers and their pay - can you guess the cost for most of them?

None of these schools went to the next level - they were stuck on that one school or level and could not go higher over the past 2 decades, and they probably never will. 

My mentor Manigandan G used to say this: if you want to get to a higher level (or position) then you need to build your team (under you) to your level. Like if you are the team leader: equip and train people below you to become team leaders. That way, they can take your position and responsibility and you can start focusing on higher / more important tasks. That is the way to get promoted.  If you are the manager, you create another manager, then you can move higher like becoming the CEO of that branch or equivalent.

 Your Team's success is your success and your success is your Team's success - benefit of the unit.

Set the Example

Interpretation: "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you," if you want others to believe in you, follow your command, you got to first follow what you preach - set the example! If you don't follow it, then don't expect them to follow it. ​

Ensure the Task is Understood, Supervised and Accomplished

Entrepreneurs (me included) often know stuff, learn, but don't execute or do, because sub-consciously we want / believe others will do it for us and all we have to do is command them. 

Don't, Do NOT expect others to do the job, do it yourself. Only then you will clearly understand (from experience) what to do, what shortcuts to take, what to avoid, what pitfalls are likely to occur etc., if you don't have the experience, then you cannot know these and if you don't know these then you cannot delegate your job to others and expect a 100% Score. 

"Do not delegate something you don't know" - or else you might end up like one of my mentor Tai who lost 10-100,000$ on a project that could have been done in less than 10k$.

A Team that sweats the most in peace time Bleeds less in Combat

Make Sound and Timely Decisions

- Small Unit Leadership

You got to build momentum to achieve anything and making decisions is like that too. Matt Sapaula explains it well in the video! 

U.S. Marine Matt Sapaula

U.S. Marine Veteran entrepreneur Matt Sapaula

Develop a Sense of Responsibility amongst your team

Interpretation: Create incentives in such a way that it gives your team ownership and responsibility so much so that they want to take up more responsibility - be generous with the rewards, give recognition. 

 Tip: If you are seeking to create a sense of responsibility for yourself: Then do tasks that are laborious. Example: Cook your own meals (fire the cook), do the dishes , clean the house (fire the maid), do accounting  (and fire the accountant; jk) do simple tasks that will give you a sense of responsibility.    

Employ Your Unit in Accordance with their Capabilities

Know your strengths and weaknesses. Because You can only build on strength. Not on your weaknesses or likes .

Seek and Take Responsibility for Your Actions

"If it's going to be, it's up to me."

If my team is to succeed, then it's up to me to make sure my team is prepared. 

Constantly Grow, Seek and Take Responsibility

"Always be Authentic and be willing to take constructive criticism." - Matt Sapaula.

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