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Best Email I received on Mother’s Day!

marketing email

I’m not a mom—but I am a dad. Parents, whether male or female, can relate to many of the same struggles we all face as parents. I know there are many single moms, stay-at-home moms, and working moms out there doing the best they can, and I want to give them some principles today that have helped me as a father.

1—Persist Until Successful

The ability to persist on a given path regardless of setbacks is a trait every mom should have. Children seem to display the quality of persistence innately until they see via socialization, parenting, or both, that it’s not how most people act.

Has your kid ever kept asking for something, and kept at it, and at it, until you finally gave in? They have the persistence to get what they want.

Be more persistent than you are talented and you’ll go further. Be a persistent mom in life to train your kids on the right path. Motherhood takes persistence, and as a mom, you should already know this. How many times have you given up on something with your kid before there was success? Persist until you succeed.


2—Say “Yes”, Don’t Say “No” Until You Have To

“Yes” is so much more positive, isn’t it? So often moms get in a habit of saying “no” all the time and they start saying it even for things that they could have said ok to.

“Don’t put that toy on the chair!”

Why? Is it an ethical issue, or do you just have a personal nuance that this particular thing shouldn’t be done?

You have 100 reasons why something can’t or shouldn’t be done, but are they really good reasons?

Try holding back on the “no’s” until you must say no. There are a million opportunities to say “no” as a mom, but why not start saying “yes” sometimes and see how your child reacts?


3—Be Interested In Results

Quit patting yourself on the back for trying and save your rewards for actual accomplishment. Successful people don’t value the effort or work or time spent on an activity; they value the results. It may sound harsh, but if your child grows up to be a problem for society, does anybody really care if you “tried”?

It’s about taking responsibility and the fact that results are in the end all that truly matter. Effort is only to make sure you have the results you need, otherwise it’s wasted energy.

4—Be Uncomfortable

Unsuccessful people in whatever walk of life seek comfort because discomfort is not pleasant. Yet, to be successful, you have to put yourself in a place that isn’t comfortable.

Whether moving to a new city or calling someone, it’s never “comfortable” when it’s unfamiliar. Thinking as a mom, if you are getting too content, that could be a sign that you aren’t making yourself uncomfortable, and therefore you aren’t stretching yourself and growing as a mother.

Moms that persist until they succeed, who say “yes” to life and are interested in results, and are willing to get uncomfortable will not just improve as moms, but in life.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Be great,


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Life Blog: Day 2 | Case Studies with the Biz Doc

Tom Ellsworth

Case Study #1 Amazon 

By Valuetainment: Tom Ellsworth
All credits to Valuetainment my favorite YouTube Channel.

In this video, we will learn how Amazon Dominated Retail in the past decade and the three important Fronts in the digital space.

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Life Blog of an Entrepreneur: Day 1 – Thoughts


Day 1 | Thoughts

For the Love of God and madness, I finally started my daily blog!

My objectives for starting this: 
1. being an Entrepreneur I figured the most important thing one needs is a good culture in a company.  Andy Frisella, one of my mentors, he said "you need to project your core beliefs every where in your business, including your website".  So, Hell yeah! I want to go Seed Succeed baby! 

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Top 10 Rules of Success | Grant Cardone

Top 10 Grant Cardone

✎ If you're looking for ways to get attention, keep feeding the dream, and go to the next level this video is for you. Grab a snack and chew on today's lessons from a man who went from coming out of a drug rehab center at age 25 to becoming a millionaire 5 years later and today owning over half a billion dollars in real estate. He's Grant Cardone and here's my take on his Top 10 Rules for Success Volume 3!

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10X Growth Conference 2018

grant cardone, uncle gc
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11 Marine Corps Principles for Entrepreneurs | Valuetainment

marine Corps principles

#1. Be Technically and Tactically Proficient

#2. Know Yourself and Seek Improvement 

#3. Know Your Team

#4. Keep Your Team Informed

#5. Set the Example

 #6. Ensure the Task is Understood, Supervised and Accomplished

 #7. A Team that sweats the most in peace time, Bleeds less in Combat

#8. Make Sound and Timely Decisions

 #9. Develop a Sense of Responsibility amongst your team

#10. Employ Your Unit in Accordance with their Capabilities

#11. Seek and Take Responsibility for Your Actions

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Quote of the day

Lao Tzu


Lao Tzu


Prepare when things are easy.

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Learn Tamil With Teacher Bhanumathy K

Teacher Bhanumathy K

Learn Tamil Vowels – Lesson 1

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How To Stop Your Dog From Peeing Inside the House

dog with scarf


Hema this audio is for you:



Hope it helps!

Experiment with it, might take few tries but you can train him.

Experiment – nothing is easy in life – but the hard is what makes it great, and fulfilling.


Understanding Doggies Nature

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How to motivate masses to reduce fuel usage? | Government

vehicles tail lights


Well that was the title… reduce fuel usage

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