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Starter Course

10 Classes Booked in Advance




  • Flexible Time  & Flat Fee for all levels 
  • Approx. 75 Minutes Per Class 
  • Individual Attention
  • Work Notes & Tournament Preparation
  • Support
pay Yearly - Save $420

8 Classes per month for 12 months




  • Approx. 75 Minutes per Class
  • Individual Attention
  • Limited Seats
  • Work Notes & Tournament Preparation
  • Dedicated Support

* All Pricing models are inclusive of Government Tax & Fees. 

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  • Cultivate Decision Making Skills
  • Creative Thinking 
  • Improve Mental Cognition & Brain Fitness
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    Increase Awareness & Pattern Recognition
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    Become Disciplined & Apply Patience
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    Learn Resource Utilization
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    SWOT Analysis 
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    Concepts of Initiative, First Strike, Control, Domination, Maneuver, Economy for Force, Unity of Effort, Mass, Surprise & Victory.
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    Cultivate Winner's Mindset
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    Have Fun with Chess!

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