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Learn Tamil With Teacher Bhanumathy K

Teacher Bhanumathy K

Learn Tamil Vowels – Lesson 1


How to Write Tamil Vowels – Lesson 2


Lesson 3 – Consonants


How to Write: Consonants – Lesson 4


Combined Letters – Uyirmei Ezhuthukkal – Lesson 5

Vowel sound ‘a’ + consonants


Combined Letters Uyirmei Ezhuthukkal – Lesson 6

Vowel sound ‘aa’ + consonants


Learn Tamil Queries Video 1

‘ற்’ Pronunciation ‘irr’ or ‘it’ When & Where to use


Learn Tamil Queries Video 2

Usage of ‘ர்’ and ”ற்’

Up next: ‘ல்’ ‘ள்’ & ‘ன்’ ‘ண்’

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